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south shore restoule snowmobile club

Trail Conditions

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We ask everybody to please stay off the trails until they officially open. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Due to landowner issues the SSR700 trail that runs through Powassan from the "D" to "C110D" is closed please respect the landowners and do not trespass. Discussions are happening to get this trail back.

"D" trail from Trout Lake south to the pond below HWY 17 about 3 KM is not groomed by the industrial groomer due to ice conditions. Please be prepared for rough trail.

near north trail associated

Unfortunately there will not be a trail through Powassan again this year. We have been unable to gain access to an alternate route for SSR700 since the existing trail was closed by land owners. To make matters worse for people traveling on D trail, this removes a valuable bypass to avoid the road running east of Powassan. Please see the map in the photo below and plan your trips accordingly during low snow conditions. We welcome anyone wanting to help with developing an alternate route through Powassan to contact the club and please attend our meetings.

Also this is a reminder to ride responsibly, stay on trail, and respect land owners.

powasson d trail