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south shore restoule snowmobile club

Trail Permits

A trail permit is needed for each snowmobile as soon as you want to use any of the official OFSC trails.

Trail permits can only be purchased only at: OFSC.ON.CA

In any case you should ask yourself some important questions and read the terms before heading out:

  • Is my snowmobile insured?
  • Is my snowmobile in good working order?
  • Do I have all the safety equipment required by law?
  • Is my safety equipment updated and working?
  • What other items do I need in case of an emergency?
  • Do I have these items and are they in good working order?
  • Have I notified someone of my planned route and when to expect me back?

If your answer to any of these questions is "no" or "I don't know", check, repair, update or ad missing equipment. It is for your own safety!

buy permits

Please specify District 11 - South Shore Snowmobilers Club when you choose your Club of choice.

For more information check the web site of the OFSC.


In addition to having a valid trail permit, snowmobilers also have to follow the law and the terms on the back of the application. Speed limits apply and have to be obeyed as have any signals (such as stop, right of way etc.). During the season trails can and will be patrolled by police. Please remember: they are not out there to work against you - they are out there to help make riding the trails a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Rules are needed to prevent accidents - you can help by knowing them and being a responsible rider.